Robotics Engineer – Royal Observatory Edinburgh

We are looking for a Robotics Engineer to join one of the most exciting opportunities in Scotland and to work with our growing team on the development of the first drone able to move through dense granular media.

Company Description
Imagine you had the opportunity to work on something as exciting as the development of the first aerial drone before drones were a thing! No need to go back in time: at Crover Ltd we are a pioneering, multi-award-winning company based in central Edinburgh, Scotland and we have developed the first ever ‘below-ground’ robotic device (a  ‘Crover’) able to move through dense dry granular media (e.g. sand, grains, powders) at fully-buried depths. Crover Ltd’s first product is a small robotic device for the monitoring of cereal grains stored in bulk (e.g. in sheds or grains bins), allowing grain storekeepers to identify critical conditions like hotspots early and maintain quality of the grains through proactive management.

Job Description
Main duties:
·       Collaborate on the development of the first robotic device for the sampling of cereal
grains stored in bulk (e.g. wheat/barley in sheds/silos)
·       Programming and testing of the Crover robot in purely granular environments
·       Improve the control system for the autonomous 3D motion of the robotic device within
the bulk of grains
·       Implementation of sensors fusion algorithms to accurately estimate the location of the
device at different points within the bulk of the grains
·       Implementation of data acquisition, processing and visualisation algorithms to
accurately represent conditions (temperature and moisture) inside the bulk of grains
·       Programming of the web-based companion app for grain stock monitoring
·       Compile technical reports and documentation for both internal and external use

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