Machine Learning Adoption: Enhancing and Automating Decision Making

Jan 22 2019 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Venue: Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue

Data Lab Events

Machine Learning (ML) is transforming many industries while enabling new types of products and services nobody even dreamed of until recently. The global workforce cannot afford to stay behind the curve on this key technology, and there is a clear need of producing a much larger group of ML-literate professionals, such as managers, analysts, decision makers, developers, and subject matter experts.

In this one-day event, Dr. José Antonio Ortega (Jao) and Dr. Merce Martin, CTO and VP of Applications respectively at BigML, will explore the state of the art in Machine Learning from both technology and business perspectives, with a special stress in its application to solving real-world problems in a variety of domains, including health care, finance, the legal sector, marketing or sales. To that end, they will showcase a series of actual use cases solved by real customers using ML platforms such as BigML’s.


Edinburgh Training and Conference Venue, 16 St Mary's Street Edinburgh EH1 1SU


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