Let's Talk About Data

Apr 27 2019 11:15 am - 12:45 pm
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The purpose of this group is to create an open, comfortable, and fun space for beginners, and those early in their data careers, to:

-talk about various data-related topics & ideas;

-discuss data (scientific & business) books & articles;

-share tool and learning tips;

-help each other on our projects.

We all use different tools for our projects, so if you have expertise in an area someone is struggling with, we hope you will come forward and help.

We don't plan on high level presentations, there are plenty of those kinds of meetups already. Instead, we want to have conversations, sharing of information, and hands-on learning.

Oh yes, and we'll read data-related books together, and hold discussions to share our thoughts and ideas.

Bring: an open mind, laptop, data set, and helpful attitude.


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