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HELP Project: Modelling the health and economic impacts of exiting lockdown

May 18 @ 9:00 am - June 1 @ 12:00 pm

HELP Project: Modelling the health and economic impacts of exiting lockdown
Optimally exiting lockdown is the greatest challenge of our generation.
Join leading economists, health experts, data scientists and more.

This event is a high profile, extended hackathon with teams focused on creating forecasts of how different lockdown exit strategies will affect health, wellness and economic outcomes.

Although many people are creating work on the economic or health impact about coronavirus, there are few projects combining the two outcomes throughout their analysis. Coronavirus is an acute health problem, but the way we exit lockdown will also affect our lives for years and maybe decades to come.

People need answers now, and the plan is to move quickly to understand how each of the possible exit strategies will play out. By releasing this information on a weekly basis, we will allow key decision makers, reporters and the public to make the best informed decisions they can.

You can see some overview slides here

The project will be completely virtual with teams forming around key themes identified by economic and health experts. Teams will be a mixture of these experts combined with machine learning and data science specialists.

This project will officially start on the 18th May with a kickoff call and briefing. Over the coming week, there will be communications regarding slack channels, team formation and other details. So please sign up here to make sure you’re included.

Some early details can be found in this working document

Key Dates:

Kick-off – Monday 18th May

First Weekly Update – Monday 25th May

Second Weekly Update – Monday 1st June

Please note that although it will take place over several weeks, you will not be required to participate on a full time basis.

All participants will be credited for any and all work they contribute

Industrial Partners:

– Auquan