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Embedding Ethics: Utilizing Data for Beneficial Innovation

March 12 @ 12:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Location: Sofi’s Southside, they have a great space that makes people feel comfortable to engage in discussion on heavy topics

Target Audience: Industry professionals in the tech sector looking for solutions on how to develop their company and technology ethically

Audience size: 20-30 people

Event Summary: Ethical Intelligence helps industry navigate and find viable solutions to the ethical dilemmas they face when it comes to developing and deploying technology. This event will take a previous case study conducted by Ethical Intelligence and, in workshop format, will guide attendees through the life cycle of discovering the ethical dilemma, debating the implications, determining which ethical values based on UK policy are at play, how to arrive at a practical solution to the dilemma and the steps to implementation of such. The purpose of the event will be to highlight the growing need for ethics in tech and to demonstrate to industry professionals that ethics is not a blocker to tech innovation, but rather an enabler to long-term profitable and secure innovation. Data of course will play a large part to the workshop, as there are signification ethical implications to consider in terms of collection, collaboration, and usage of data. Essentially, data can either be an asset or a liability to an organization, but by approaching data through an ethical understanding, we are able to tip the scales towards data becoming a true asset.
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Sofi’s Southside