Deep learning and the brain

Feb 13 2019 6:15 pm - 8:15 pm

Venue: Bayes Centre

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Martino Sorbaro is going to talk about the relation between neural networks and our brain.

Why are neural networks called "neural"? While artificial neural networks were originally developed, in the 1950s, by drawing inspiration from the structure of brain networks, their history has since diverged: today, the objective of deep learning is technological applications, not brain modelling. However, recent research has shown that artificial and biological neural networks have many aspects in common, even ones that were not explicity designed to be. On the other hand, many differences still exist, particularly in the learning process, and the boundary between neuroscience and deep learning is becoming a fruitful area of research. In this talk, he will introduce (for a lay audience) the fundamentals of artificial neural networks and of networks neuroscience, illustrating commonalities and differences. #

Martina Sorbaro studied physics at the university of Pavia and is about to complete a PhD in neuroinformatics at the university of Edinburgh. His research has focused on statistical modelling of neuronal activity and the analysis of neural recordings.


Bayes Centre, 47 Potterrow Edinburgh EH8 9BT


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