DataFest: How Do We Inspire the Next Generation of Data Scientists?

Mar 15 2019 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
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A greater need for data-science skills across many sectors is anticipated in coming decades. So how can we get young people excited and enthusiastic about careers in data science? How can we help them to understand what data science is and the breadth of careers available to them? And how do we support teachers in schools to teach using data science activities across the curriculum?

Come along to find out what is happening in Scotland and internationally to get learners in Primary and Secondary schools using and exploring data. Hear about how Scotland are leading the way with the world's first Data Science qualification for school pupils. Learn about how we plan on ensuring every young person gets a chance to experience data science in school. And help us to figure out how best to involve industry and experts who want to help schools.

The session will bring together industry, academics, teachers and learners to discuss ways we can all work together to help educators and learners get engaging and inspiring data science experiences.


Room G37, Paterson's Land

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