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A Hands-On Introduction to Data Science in Health

March 12 @ 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm

An increasing volume of data is becoming available in biomedicine and healthcare, from genomic data, to electronic patient records and data collected by wearable devices. Recent advances in data science allow us to harness the power of such data, leading to precision medicine, AI diagnostics, data-driven drug discovery and disease understanding, among others.

But what is data science and how can it be applied to different areas of biomedicine and healthcare? Is your organisation data-ready? What are the opportunities and challenges brought by big data in health? And how can we approach collaboration through data, so as to go #BeyondData?

In this workshop we will explore these topics while getting a practical, hands-on taster of data science in health. The workshop is designed for healthcare and biomedicine professionals working in academia, industry, the public sector or the third sector, who have very little or no background in data science or computing.

We will learn about the data science lifecycle and explore different types of data, such as natural language and imaging data. We will find out about successful case studies of data-intensive medicine and healthcare, and we will discuss the challenges associated with big data. More importantly, we will have a play with data to get a better sense of the data science process. Building on this understanding, we will explore data-driven innovation and how we can extract value from data to better understand and improve our organisations, the biomedicine and healthcare sector, as well as local communities. We will also touch upon the importance of data-enabled collaboration to tackle grand challenges.

This interactive, practical workshop includes a wide range of activities, from group discussions and case studies, to talks and pair programming activities. We will be using the free online course Data Science in Stratified Healthcare and Precision Medicine to guide these activities, and participants interested in learning more about data science in health can continue the course in their own time.

This is a great opportunity to learn more about data science in health, meet like-minded professionals and begin your data-intensive journey!
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