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TORCH helps businesses translate their ideas into practical actions, finding the best methods and technologies to move forward and introducing them to expert supplier organisations.

Take a look at our TORCH case studies to learn more about how the advisory service has helped some of Scotland’s most innovative projects.

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Grand Bequest – Saving Scotland’s history with data

WHAT IS HAPPENING TO SCOTLAND’S OLD BUILDINGS? Completed in 1900, Kinloch Castle stands on the East coast of the small Scottish island of Rum. The grand development cost over £250,000 to build and was one of the first places in Scotland to provide electricity to its residents. When the owner, Sir George Bullough, died in 1939, the estate became neglected,

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Sea Spyder | An intuitive platform for the Global Whisky Market

The Sea Spyder team have worked together for years, their experience covering all aspects of the Whisky sector. There are 133 operating Scotch whisky distilleries across Scotland and, in 2019, their produce accounted for 75% of Scottish food and drink exports (and 21% of all UK food and drink exports). At this time, the industry provides £5.5bn in gross value

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Making healthier choices with DSIONS by Healthy Nibbles

“When you look at businesses, they expect performance from their team, but they’re not fueling performance.” – Sara Roberts, Healthy Nibbles Founder HEALTHY NIBBLES: JOURNEY & GOALS After a personal experience in a hospital setting, Healthy Nibbles Founder Sara began to address the availability of health food options in vending machines. Her Healthy Vending business went live with their first

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