The Data Lab is delivering a three-week Data Science Boot Camp in September 2016. This professional development programme, delivered in partnership with  New York’s globally renowned The Data Incubator, is a great opportunity for individuals who would like to develop their skills further. Sign up for the Data Lab Boot Camp here.


The Data Lab enables industry, public sector and world-class university researchers to innovate and develop new data science capabilities in a collaborative environment. Its core mission is to generate significant economic, social and scientific value from big data.

With a Scotland-wide presence and Hubs in Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow, it is in close proximity to leading industry and university institutions with world-class research in informatics and computer science. Hubs are focused on building relationships locally and delivering a range of activities that span across the three key areas:

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Collaborative Innovation

The main focus of The Data Lab is to strengthen Scotland’s local industry and transfer world-leading research in informatics and computer science into the global marketplace. 

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Skills & Training

The skills needed to exploit the data opportunity are in great demand and short supply. The Data Lab will work with industry and seek to create a pipeline of talented data scientists, equipped with the relevant skills.

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Community Building

The Data Lab connects world-leading researchers and data scientists with local industry and public sector organisations, giving them access to experts who can help collaborate on solutions to key problems.

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Latest News

Scotland’s Innovation Centres at TEDx Glasgow: Driving Innovation for a Disruptive World

May 25 2016

Innovation is key in shaping Scotland’s competitive advantage. When people decide to innovate, things change for the better. Businesses prosper, academic knowledge advances, quality of life improves, and Scotland’s economy benefits. This innovation can take many forms: a new product or process, a different way to deliver service to your customers, or a smaller change to an existing way of doing things.

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What does air travel look like in the 21st century?

May 19 2016

by Adarsh Janakiraman, Data Science Intern at The Data Lab


The Internet has often been attributed the title of humanity's greatest unifier, bringing people from across the globe, a little closer to each other. A gift to humanity though it might be, it has dulled our senses to anything that doesn't move at the speed of light. So we come to our story, the data of air travel. We often forget, that the real world equivalent of this digital bonhomie brought on by the Internet, is air travel.

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Daniel Craig clocks up the most mileage as James Bond

Daniel Craig clocks up the most mileage as James Bond

May 12 2016

by Dr Richard Carter, Data Scientist, The Data Lab


It was in the summer of 1977 that it all began. My family was on holiday in the Isle of Wight when my father took me to the cinema to watch The Spy Who Loved Me. I only have one real memory of that day, but what a memory: a white Lotus Esprit barrelling down a jetty and launching off into the blue Mediterranean. From that moment on I've had a life-long obsession for all things James Bond which borders on the unhealthy. I can name theme songs, characters, actors, directors, cars, their number-plates, you name it. For most of the films I can reel off large sections of dialogue verbatim. Yes, it really is that bad!

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